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Working Group

The School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science Athena SWAN working group meets regularly to develop the application, to review relevant statistics, and to identify where policies and practices could further support the careers of women in the School.


The Working Group:


Role within University, School and SAT (self-Assessment Team)

Dr Megan Jobson

Senior Lecturer.

Chair of School SAT (since 2014).

Member of School SAT (since 2010).

Prof Andrew Masters


Member of School SAT (since 2010).

External member of Faculty of Life Sciences SAT.

Prof Aline Miller


Chair of School SAT (2010-2014).

Chair of University SAT .

Dr Paola Carbone

Senior Lecturer.

Research staff representative (2012).

CEAS WiSET academic champion (2009–13).

Dr Maria Gonzalez


CEAS WiSET academic champion (since 2014).

Dr Mara Bernabei

Research associate. Research staff representative on SAT.

Ms Sue Field

Head of Human Resources, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

Member of SAT. Advises SAT on HR policy and practice.

Dr Sarah Ingham

Faculty Development Manager, Faculty of Life Sciences.

External member of School SAT.

Dr Helen Ryder

Athena SWAN Co-ordinator for the University.

Member of University SAT and of all School SATs.

Ms Emily Cooksey

Postgraduate student.

Postgraduate representative on SAT.

Ms Julie Brooks

Postgraduate student.

Postgraduate representative on SAT.

STEM Ambassador.

Ms Hasiba Rasikh

Undergraduate student.

Undergraduate representative on SAT.

Mr Darren Huyton

Student Experience Manager in CEAS.

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