Research collaborations

Your company could enter into collaborative research with the School, working together on specific collaborative projects or within more speculative research partnerships. These projects combine the expertise of your company with that of the School to benefit both parties.

We can provide great flexibility:

  • Small or large projects
  • Funded by a company or from public sources or a combination of these
  • Opportunity to sponsor a student or employ a researcher
  • Long term alliances and partnerships

Each research project is unique and can be tailored to your requirements, both in technical content and organisation.

Government funding is available to support collaborative research projects.

The School pursues challenging research projects that enable us to make significant advances in science and engineering to benefit industry and society. Through innovative research, we can help you advance your business, solve technical problems, improve your processes, develop new products and build the technical capabilities of your staff.

We understand the importance of adapting the approach to meet the needs of the project.

Commissioned research project

You could approach us with a specific research brief in mind - we would then undertake a commissioned research project on your behalf. This may be convenient if your company does not have relevant expertise or its own in-house research base.

See: Our research.

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