Adventures in Energy Grant for exciting graphene research

School researcher Dr Stuart Holmes and his colleague Dr Rahul Nair have been awarded an ‘Adventures in Energy Grant’ by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Dr Stuart Holmes and Dr Rahul Nair

The award will be used for further research to exploit the discovery of proton conduction through graphene sheets.

Following the initial demonstration of this principle by Sir Andre Geim’s research group, preliminary results have shown that the introduction of a single layer of graphene to a low temperature fuel cell can significantly enhance performance in a working cell. The award will facilitate the development of this technology and the expansion into hydrogen generation through PEM electrolysers. Dr Holmes and Dr Nair will complete this project in collaboration with their industrial partners, ITM Power and 2-D Tech. Dr Holmes discussed the potential of the award:

“The ability to use single layer materials in Fuel Cells and electrolysers will get round some limitations in operation of the existing systems and move the technology closer to commercial success.”

Dr Nair, who works in the University’s School of Physics, is excited by the possible future applications of the research:

“Unique permeation properties of 2D materials are fundamentally and technologically interesting. This grant will be a key step in allowing us to take the break through scientific discovery in the lab to applications by collaborating with Engineers and industries.”

The School would like to congratulate the team on this exciting award.

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