BP Integrated Masters Scholarships awarded to CEAS students

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BP Integrated Masters Scholarship recipients

We are pleased to announce that nine undergraduate students from the School of CEAS have received BP Integrated Masters Scholarships for 2013.

BP offer a competitive scholarship scheme across the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at The University of Manchester to support future growth in the UK and global economy. The scholarships are focused on educating the next generation of engineers and scientists by encouraging students to complete a four-year Integrated Masters programme in engineering and science.

By studying for a four-year Integrated Masters programme, not only do graduates obtain the wide-range of skills required for the global challenges facing society, they also obtain the required education base for becoming chartered through the professional institutions.

BP Integrated Masters Scholarship recipients (left to right) Andrew Cook, Andrew Peters, Alex Wood, Alexandra Curtescu, Fraser Anderson, Elliot Higgins, Shobana Simon, Leigh Thompson, and James Acres.  

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