Continued good performance in Macnab-Lacey award…

MacNab-Lacey Highly Commended group (from left to right): Sharrviin Rajendram, Shan Yap, Glenn Walkley Stubbs, Anastasia Gondosari, Shing Yee Yap, Professor Collin Webb & Matthew Mclaughlan.

Since the introduction, in 2011, of the IChemE Macnab-Lacey award, no university has done better in this Design & Sustainability based competition than the University of Manchester. Teams from CEAS won the first two annual awards and added a third in 2016. Our latest entry was from a team, supervised by Rosa Cuellar Franca, who designed a process for the “Sustainable Production of Hydrogen”. The team: Anastasia Gondosari, Matthew McLaughlan, Alexandra Poncia, Sharrviin Rajendram, Glenn Walkley Stubbs, Shan Wei Yap, Shing Yee Yap, and Kheng Zhun Yeoh, were “Highly Commended” and were awarded certificates by the Chair of the Sustainability Special Interest Group of the IChemE, Malcolm Wilkinson, at the recent launch meeting for this year’s Design Project. Congratulations to the group and to all our previous winners.

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