Latest blog post: #ChemEngCatchUp with Ximena Schmidt

The latest post on the UoM Chemical Engineering blog is a #ChemEngCatchUp interview with PDRA Ximena Schmidt.

Ximena discusses her passion for outdoor pursuits

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

"Well I’m a Research Associate, also known as a PDRA. It’s a really special position within the universities because almost all of us are attached to different projects. So although we are part of the University, we are basically just linked with that one project.

But I think that here, and all over the UK, they are trying to make more space for the researchers. And to try to build a sort of career pathway here and hopefully get to a lectureship if you want, or just a researcher if not. So it’s a really interesting role because you are between the lecturers, for example, or the principal investigators, but as well with PhD students. So you have this great connection and great opportunities to develop your career and get more experience.

And as soon as you are self-driven you can develop yourself and help with the community really well and with great success."


To read more, and watch the videos, clink this link and head over to the blog.

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