UK Catalysis Conference 2018

The 4th UK Catalysis Conference was held in Loughborough University over the 3rd to 5th January, 2018 organised by CEAS.  The conference aims to bring together all who undertake research in catalysis (homogeneous, electro, heterogeneous, bio, organo) in order to develop the community as broadly as possible. 189 registered participants from across the UK as well as further afield including 4 plenary lecturers enjoyed 3 days of catalytic science and engineering.  CEAS was well represented with 14 talks and 3 posters including Terri-Louise Hughes winning a poster prize.  There was a good mix of industrialists, staff from the central facilities (the Diamond Light Source, National Physical Laboratory, the Research Complex at Harwell and ISIS), academics, postdoctoral research fellows and graduate students with allocated oral presentations from all areas of participation. 

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