Postgraduate research

As one of a small group of elite chemical engineering departments within the UK, our success capitalises on the synergies between chemical engineering and bioscience, chemistry, mathematics, and analytical and measurement science. Our broad research base enables us to study the design, operation and integration of different complex systems - particularly industrial, biological, and instrumentation - and apply chemical engineering in a 21st century context. 

The School's capability for multidisciplinary research has distinct benefits for our students and research staff. Our researchers have access to a range of state-of-the-art research facilities, including the new £16M James Chadwick Building for large-scale chemical engineering research as well as wealth of highly advanced research facilities housed in multidisciplinary reseach institutes across the university.

The School comprises 45 academic staff, including chemical engineers, chemists, physicists, biologists, analytical scientists and mathematicians, who are able to provide expert supervision for research across five strategic themes: Sustainable Industrial Engineering, Process Development and Integration, Instrumentation and Analytical Science, Multi-scale Modelling and Molecular Systems and Biomaterials.

Postgraduate research degrees are offered in all subject areas, including:

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Instrumentation and Analytical Science

This theme is concerned with research into new instruments and analytical techniques for the measurement of a wide range of phenomena from nano-scale molecular processes in biological cells through to macro-scale chemical processes in industrial reactors. Read more >>

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Molecular Systems and Biomaterials

This theme has a cross-disciplinary approach to molecular level engineering, spanning complexity levels from bioorganic soft matter to biological systems and integrating predictive molecular modelling. Read more >>

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Multi-Scale Modelling

This theme addresses industry-relevant research challenges across length scales from atomic to macro by developing and using a full range of modelling methodologies including quantum mechanical, molecular dynamical, coarse graining and bulk scale modelling. Read more >>

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Process Development and Integration

Research in this area takes a holistic approach to the process, rather than focusing on individual unit operations, and includes pilot scale experimental work. Read more >>

Sustainable Industrial Engineering

Sustainable Engineering

Research in this theme explores the challenges that arise for industry from the drive towards sustainable development. Read more >>

Choosing your research topic

As a research student you will work under the supervision of one of our members of academic staff. The information on our research and on the current research topics of each group can help you to identify projects or areas of interest and suitable potential supervisors.

In your application form you should note your interests either in a general area of research or in a particular project, and nominate one or more staff members who you would prefer to be your supervisors. Each member of academic staff has very specialised interests, you can read more about the academics and their research in our People section.

You may like more guidance in choosing suitable supervisors, you may wish to discuss your own research interests or may like a particular academic to suggest a suitable project for you in their area. In each case you are welcome to contact us by email, telephone or make an appointment to discuss your situation before you apply.

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