The Centre for Process Integration

The Centre for Process Integration (CPI) is a world leader in the field of conceptual process design

The methodologies developed allow environmentally friendly process design with the most efficient use of raw materials, energy and capital. The Centre enjoys an outstanding international reputation for the quality of its work, gained from many years of successful research and technology transfer.

The Research Consortium is a fundamental key of the successful relationship that the Centre maintains with the industry.

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Research topics

  • Efficient Use of Raw Materials
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Emmisions Reduction
  • Process Operations

Main achievements

The Centre is internationally recognised for the development of a range of process design methods and tools that have been successfully applied in the UK and internationally.

Software packages

Our software is one of the most important mechanisms for technology transfer is computer software.


A list of staff in the Centre, with links to their web profiles and contact details. 

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