The Centre is dedicated to the development of design methodologies in the field of process integration.

Research programe

In the past, the major research emphasis in process design has been placed on the analysis, or simulation, of processes. The synthesis of processes, or process integration, has in comparison received little attention.

The origins of the research programme in the early 1980s were rooted in energy conservation. Today the programme has broadened to take account of the drive towards greater efficiency in the use of raw materials in general and of increasing pressures to design process which are environmentally friendly. An objective that runs through all aspects of the Programme is the efficient use of capital.

Despite the fact that the Programme has broadened in its scope and objectives, the tradition and values that were established in the early days of the Programme in the field of energy conservation have been maintained.

Research objectives

Our objective is to develop as deep an understanding as possible of the physical principles that underlie process integration problems. Once the principles have been understood, our objective is to then develop these into practical methodologies, employing the necessary mathematical algorithms.

Our methods attempt, where appropriate, to maintain a two-step approach to solving process integration problems. The first step sets performance targets. Such targets can be used to scope and screen many design options quickly and efficiently. Once the required options have been selected, the second step provides systematic design methods to allow the targets to be achieved in practice.

We traditionally follow our methodologies through to their first applications to ensure that the methodologies are indeed practical and do meet the requirements of process designers. To enable this we work closely with members of The Process Integration Research Consortium.

Research themes

Our Research topics page describes the Research Programme in the Centre for Process Integration at the School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science, which is devoted to four broad research themes:

  • efficient use of raw materials,
  • energy efficiency,
  • emissions reduction and
  • process operations.

All four themes emphasise the efficient use of capital throughout.

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