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Name Role Tel Location Email
Adams, Lucy Miss Executive Assistant to Head of CEAS 0161-3064361 The Mill - C56 
Aleem, Hosam Dr Lecturer The Mill - C48 
Alfutimie, Abdullatif Dr Lecturer The Mill - C 23 
Ashton, Lee Mr Finance Manager - School of Materials and School of CEAS The Mill 
Avendano, Carlos Dr Lecturer 0161-3062732 The Mill - C41 
Azapagic, Adisa Prof Professor 0161-3064363 The Mill - C16 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Babaei, Masoud Dr Lecturer in Petroleum Engineering The Mill 
Bate, Tracy Mrs Recruitment And Admissions Officer 0161-3064360 Sackville Street Building 
Blundell, David Mr Research Manager 0161-3063068 The Mill - E40 
Booth, Mark Mr Senior Research Finance Officer Sackville Street Building 
Burns, Gary Mr Technical Services Manager 0161-3064405 The Mill 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Carbone, Paola Dr Senior Lecturer 0161-3064367 The Mill - C42 
Chansai, Sarayute Dr Research Associate The Mill - C59 
Chapman, Gemma Miss Senior Laboratory Technician The Mill 
Chen, Hongyan Dr Research Associate The Mill 
Cheslett, Alison Mrs Deputy Recruitment and Admissions Officer Sackville Street Building 
Coffey, Paul Dr Research Associate The Mill 
Condappa-Ward, Laverne Mrs Programme Administrator Williamson Building - 1.42 
Cresswell, David Dr Research Associate The Mill 
Cruz Cabeza, Aurora Dr Lecturer 0161-3068851 The Mill 
Cuellar Franca, Rosa Dr Lecturer The Mill 
Cuffe, John Mr Pilot Hall Manager 0161-3064352 James Chadwick Building 
Curtis, Robin Dr Senior Lecturer John Garside Building 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Daly, Helen Dr Staff The Mill 
Davey, Roger Prof Professor 
De visser, Samuel Dr Reader John Garside Building 
Dewhurst, Richard Prof Emeritus Professor. Alan Turing Building - 2.302 
Dickson, Alan Prof Professor of Biotechnology 0161-2755077 John Garside Building 
Doocey, Desmond Dr Senior Experimental Officer The Mill 
Doyle, Loris Mr Laboratory Support Technician The Mill 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Eddleston, Soleil Mrs Research Support Officer The Mill 
Elvin, Mark Dr Research Associate 0161-3064182 John Garside Building - G.035 
Emerson, Marie Mrs Instrumentation & Control Engineer 0161-3064427 James Chadwick Building 
Evans, Andrew Mr Workshop Manager James Chadwick Building 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Fan, Xiaolei Dr Lecturer in Chemical Engineering 0161-3062690 The Mill - C18 
Fearick, James Mr Fire Training And Evacuation Coordinator Simon Building 
Flood, Jamie Mr Research Finance Service Delivery Mgr Carys Bannister Building 
Frankland, Katie Miss Education Officer 0161-3068853 The Mill 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Gaffney, Claire Dr Post Doctoral Research Associate John Garside Building - G.035 
Gallego Schmid, Alejandro Dr Research Associate 
Gardner, Peter Prof Professor 
Garforth, Arthur Dr Reader The Mill 
Gonzalez-Miquel, Maria Dr Lecturer in Chemical Engineering 0161-3064396 The Mill - C21 
Gorgojo, Patricia Dr Lecturer in Chemical Engineering 0161-3064395 The Mill - C10 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Halstead, Simon Dr Staff 
Hardacre, Christopher Prof Head of School 0161-3062672 The Mill - C57 
Henderson, Alex Dr Senior Data Scientist 0161-3068884 John Garside Building - 1.034 
Hill, Patrick Dr Electron Microscopist 0161-3062679 The Mill 
Hollywood, Katherine Dr Senior Experimental Officer John Garside Building 
Holmes, Stuart Dr Reader 0161-3064376 The Mill - C9 
Huyton, Darren Mr Student Experience Manager 0161-3063101 The Mill - C79 


Name Role Tel Location Email
J Niasar, Vahid Dr Lecturer (assistant professor) 0161-3064867 The Mill - C44 
Jeswani, Harish Dr Research Fellow The Mill 
Jobson, Megan Dr Reader The Mill 
Jordan, Louise Mrs Head of School Administration. The Mill 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Karadimitriou, Nikolaos Dr Staff 0161-3064502 James Chadwick Building - G.006 
Kershaw, Roy Mr Electronic Technician (Teaching & Research) The Mill 
Kershaw, Sandra Mrs Recruitment and Admissions Manager, School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science and School of Materials Sackville Street Building 
Khan, Shahla Mrs Research/Teaching laboratory Technician The Mill 
Klemes, Jiri Dr Senior Project Officer & Honorary Reader 0161-3064389 The Mill 
Knowles, Kerry Mrs School Safety Advisor The Mill 
Kouloumpis, Victor Dr Post Doctoral Research Associate The Mill 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Lee, Joe Dr Visitor 0161-3064513 The Mill 
Li, Jie Dr Lecturer 0161-3068622 The Mill - B7.3 
Lockyer, Nicholas Dr Reader 0161-3064479 John Garside Building 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Martin, Peter Dr Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering 0161-3064388 The Mill - C28 
Martin, Philip Dr Reader The Mill 
Masters, Andrew Prof Professor 0161-2754679 The Mill - C38 
Mavituna, Ferda Prof Professor The Mill 
Mcarthur, Tracie Ms Education Support Manager 0161-3063101 The Mill - C79 
Miller, Aline Prof Professor in Biomolecular Engineering 0161-3065781 John Garside Building 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Partington, Andrew Mr Central Timetabling Spaces Operative 0161-2757532 Beyer Building - G.007 
Patti, Alessandro Dr Lecturer 0161-3064346 The Mill - C27 
Perdan, Slobodan Dr Research Fellow 0161-3068834 The Mill - F30 
Pereira da fonte, Claudio Dr Lecturer in Chem Eng & Analytical Science 0161-3068869 The Mill - C69 
Perkins, John Prof Honorary Professor The Mill 
Perry, Simon Mr Senior Lecturer/Director of Undergraduate Studies/MSc Programme Director (APID) The Mill 
Persaud, Krishna Prof Prof. of Chemoreception The Mill 
Pickett, David Dr Part-time Senior Tutor The Mill 
Pisanelli, Anna Dr Research Associate 
Puthiyapura, Vinod Kumar Dr Staff The Mill - C59 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Raveendran nair, Rahul Prof Professor of Materials Physics/Royal Society University Research Fellow 0161-3066574 The Mill - C11A 
Rehman, Samrina Dr Visitor 0161-3064471 John Garside Building 
Riley, John Mr Laboratory Support Technician The Mill 
Rodd, Jonathan Mr Staff 0161-2754070 Schuster Building - 6.26 
Rodgers, Thomas Dr Lecturer in Chemical Engineering 0161-3068849 The Mill - C37 
Rothwell, Paul Mr Laboratory Support Technician James Chadwick Building 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Schmidt, Ximena Dr Research Associate The Mill - F30 
Scully, Patricia Dr Senior Lecturer in Sensor Instrumentation 0161-3068923 The Mill - C71 
Sellin, Remy Dr PDRA The Mill 
Sharrad, Clint Dr Senior Lecturer 0161-2754657 The Mill - C40 
Shokri, Nima Dr Senior Lecturer 0161-3063980 The Mill - C26 
Siperstein, Flor Dr Reader 0161-3064342 The Mill - C8 
Smale, Ian Mr Mechanical Workshop Technician James Chadwick Building 
Smith, Robin Prof Professor 0161-3064382 The Mill 
Snook, Richard Prof Professor of Analytical Science. 
Stamford, Laurence Dr Lecturer in Sustainable Chem Eng 0161-3064481 The Mill - C17 
Stefanovic, Natalia Mrs Research Support Officer 0161-3063572 Alan Turing Building - 1.135 
Stere, Cristina Dr Research Associate The Mill - C59 
Stevens, Joanna Dr Research Fellow 0161-3062354 The Mill - C70A 
Sun, Li Dr Lecturer 0161-3064348 The Mill - C70 
Szekely, Gyorgy Dr Lecturer in Chemical Engineering 0161-3064366 The Mill - C14 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Taylor, Rebecca Dr Research Staff The Mill 
Theodoropoulos, Konstantinos Prof Professor of Chemical & Biochemical Systems Engineering 0161-3064386 The Mill 
Tiddy, Gordon Prof Chair In Formulation Engineering The Mill 
Treves Brown, Bernard Dr Lecturer The Mill 
Turnbull, Patricia Mrs Laboratory Manager James Chadwick Building 
Turner, Ann-Marie Mrs Finance Officer The Mill 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Verghese, Vinod Mr Research Support Manager 0161-3065279 The Mill - E38 
Vetter, Thomas Dr Lecturer and Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow 0161-3064370 The Mill - C74 
Vickerman, John Prof Emeritus Professor 
Villegas, Rossmary Dr Lecturer in Petroleum Engineering 0161-3064368 The Mill - C46 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Walford, Laura Mrs Administrator 0161-3063581 Sackville Street Building - C56 
Webb, Colin Prof Professor of Chemical Engineering 0161-3064379 The Mill - C77 
Westerhoff, Hans Prof Director of Manchester Centre for Integrative Systems Biology (MCISB) and Director of Doctoral Train 0161-3064407 
Williams, Christopher Dr Postdoctoral Research Associate The Mill 
Winterburn, James Dr Lecturer 0161-3064891 The Mill - C76 
Woodcock, Leslie Prof Professor 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Xu, Shaojun Mr Research Associate The Mill 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Zhang, Nan Dr Senior Lecturer The Mill 
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