Staff - Academic

Name Role Tel Location Email
Dr Hosam Aleem Lecturer The Mill - C48 
Dr Abdullatif Alfutimie Lecturer The Mill - C48 
Dr Carlos Avendano Lecturer 0161-3062732 The Mill - C41 
Prof Adisa Azapagic Professor 0161-3064363 The Mill - C16 
Dr Masoud Babaei Lecturer in Petroleum Engineering The Mill 
Dr Paola Carbone Senior Lecturer 0161-3064367 The Mill - C42 
Dr Aurora Cruz Cabeza Lecturer 0161-3068851 The Mill 
Dr Rosa Cuellar Franca Lecturer The Mill 
Dr Robin Curtis Senior Lecturer John Garside Building 
Prof Roger Davey Professor 0161-3064362 The Mill 
Dr Samuel De visser Reader John Garside Building 
Prof Alan Dickson Professor of Biotechnology 0161-2755077 John Garside Building 
Prof Alan Dickson Professor of Biotechnology 0161-2755077 John Garside Building 
Dr Xiaolei Fan Lecturer in Chemical Engineering 0161-3062690 The Mill - C18 
Prof Peter Gardner Professor 
Dr Arthur Garforth Reader The Mill 
Dr Maria Gonzalez-Miquel Lecturer in Chemical Engineering 0161-3064396 The Mill - C21 
Dr Patricia Gorgojo Lecturer in Chemical Engineering 0161-3064395 The Mill - C10 
Prof Christopher Hardacre Head of School 0161-3062672 The Mill - C57 
Dr Stuart Holmes Reader The Mill 
Dr Megan Jobson Reader The Mill 
Dr Vahid J Niasar Lecturer (assistant professor) 0161-3064867 The Mill - C44 
Dr Jie Li Lecturer 0161-3068622 The Mill - B7.3 
Dr Peter Martin Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering 0161-3064388 The Mill - C28 
Dr Philip Martin Reader The Mill 
Prof Andrew Masters Professor 0161-2754679 The Mill - C38 
Prof Ferda Mavituna Professor The Mill 
Dr Alessandro Patti Lecturer 0161-3064346 The Mill - C27 
Dr Claudio Pereira da fonte Lecturer in Chem Eng & Analytical Science 0161-3068869 The Mill - C69 
Mr Simon Perry Senior Lecturer/Director of Undergraduate Studies/MSc Programme Director (APID) The Mill 
Prof Krishna Persaud Prof. of Chemoreception The Mill 
Prof Rahul Raveendran nair Professor of Materials Physics/Royal Society University Research Fellow 0161-3066574 The Mill - C11A 
Dr Thomas Rodgers Lecturer in Chemical Engineering 0161-3068849 The Mill - C37 
Prof Aline Miller Professor in Biomolecular Engineering 0161-3065781 John Garside Building 
Dr Patricia Scully Senior Lecturer in Sensor Instrumentation 0161-3068923 Alan Turing Building - 3.322 
Dr Clint Sharrad Senior Lecturer 0161-2754657 The Mill - C40 
Dr Nima Shokri Senior Lecturer 0161-3063980 The Mill - C26 
Dr Flor Siperstein Reader 0161-3064342 The Mill - C8 
Prof Robin Smith Professor 0161-3064382 The Mill 
Dr Laurence Stamford Lecturer in Sustainable Chem Eng 0161-3064481 The Mill - C17 
Dr Joanna Stevens Research Fellow 0161-3062354 The Mill - C70A 
Dr Li Sun Lecturer 0161-3064348 The Mill - C70 
Dr Gyorgy Szekely Lecturer in Chemical Engineering 0161-3064366 The Mill - C14 
Prof Konstantinos Theodoropoulos Professor of Chemical & Biochemical Systems Engineering 0161-3064386 The Mill 
Dr Bernard Treves Brown Lecturer The Mill 
Dr Thomas Vetter Lecturer and Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow 0161-3064370 The Mill - C74 
Prof John Vickerman Emeritus Professor 
Dr Rossmary Villegas Lecturer in Petroleum Engineering 0161-3064368 The Mill - C46 
Prof Colin Webb Professor of Chemical Engineering 0161-3064379 The Mill - C77 
Prof Hans Westerhoff Director of Manchester Centre for Integrative Systems Biology (MCISB) and Director of Doctoral Train 0161-3064407 
Dr James Winterburn Lecturer 0161-3064891 The Mill - C76 
Dr Nan Zhang Senior Lecturer The Mill 
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