Staff - Professional support staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Miss Lucy Adams Executive Assistant to Head of CEAS 0161-3064361 The Mill - C56 
Mr Lee Ashton Finance Manager - School of Materials and School of CEAS The Mill 
Mrs Tracy Bate Recruitment And Admissions Officer 0161-3064360 Sackville Street Building 
Miss Sophie Beard Student Services Assistant Barnes Wallis Building 
Mr David Blundell Research Manager 0161-3063068 The Mill - E40 
Mr Mark Booth Senior Research Finance Officer Sackville Street Building 
Miss Gemma Chapman Senior Laboratory Technician The Mill 
Mrs Alison Cheslett Deputy Recruitment and Admissions Officer Sackville Street Building 
Mrs Laverne Condappa-Ward Curriculum & Student Support Administrator. Williamson Building - 1.42A 
Miss Katie Frankland Education Officer 0161-3068853 The Mill 
Mr Darren Huyton Student Experience Manager 0161-3063101 The Mill - C79 
Mrs Louise Jordan Head of School Administration. The Mill 
Mrs Sandra Kershaw Recruitment and Admissions Manager, School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science and School of Materials Sackville Street Building 
Ms Tracie Mcarthur Education Support Manager 0161-3063101 The Mill - C79 
Mr Andrew Partington Student Support Administrator & Welfare Officer 0161-3068852 The Mill - C62 
Mrs Soleil Eddleston Research Support Officer The Mill 
Mr Jonathan Rodd Staff 0161-2754070 Schuster Building - 6.26 
Mrs Natalia Stefanovic Research Support Officer Kilburn Building - 2.126 
Mrs Ann-Marie Turner Finance Officer The Mill 
Mr Vinod Verghese Research Support Manager 0161-3065279 The Mill - E38 
Mrs Laura Walford Administrator 0161-3063581 Sackville Street Building - C56 
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