Staff - Technical support staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Dr Abdullatif Alfutimie Lecturer The Mill - B9 
Mr Gary Burns Technical Services Manager 0161-3064405 The Mill 
Mr John Cuffe Pilot Hall Manager 0161-3064352 James Chadwick Building 
Dr Desmond Doocey Senior Experimental Officer The Mill 
Mr Loris Doyle Laboratory Support Technician The Mill 
Mrs Marie Emerson Instrumentation & Control Engineer 0161-3064427 James Chadwick Building 
Mr Andrew Evans Workshop Manager James Chadwick Building 
Mr James Fearick Fire Training And Evacuation Coordinator Simon Building 
Dr Alex Henderson Senior Data Scientist 0161-3068884 John Garside Building - 1.034 
Dr Patrick Hill Electron Microscopist 0161-3062679 The Mill 
Mr Roy Kershaw Electronic Technician (Teaching & Research) The Mill 
Mrs Shahla Khan Research/Teaching laboratory Technician The Mill 
Mrs Kerry Knowles School Safety Advisor The Mill 
Mr John Riley Laboratory Support Technician The Mill 
Mr Paul Rothwell Laboratory Support Technician James Chadwick Building 
Mr Ian Smale Mechanical Workshop Technician James Chadwick Building 
Mrs Patricia Turnbull Laboratory Manager James Chadwick Building 
Mr Thomas Neild Mechanical Technician James Chadwick Building 
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