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Research interests

We have strong research interests in catalysis and ionic liquids.  Current catalytic projects range from water gas shift and emission control catalysis using thermal and plasma activation to the use of transients to determine gas and liquid phase reaction mechanisms to liquid phase hydrogenations under batch and flow conditions to low temperature fuel cells and clean energy conversion.  In addition, our research in ionic liquids includes their use in modifying the properties of heterogeneous catalysts, structural determination of ionic liquids, and species dissolved therein, electrochemistry and prediction of physical properties of ionic liquids.  In both aspects of the research, the group has developed a number of state-of-the-art techniques both within the University as well as using synchrotron and neutron central facilities.  Much of the work is collaborative and industrially related involving a combination of modelling and experimental studies. Our group is also strongly involved in the EPSRC funded UK Catalysis Hub ( as well as the 4CU ( project on carbon capture and utilisation.

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