How to apply

You should always contact us to discuss your chosen area of research before submitting an application.

You can either contact the relevant member of our academic staff or our Postgraduate Programmes Office.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply as early as possible to allow sufficient time to apply for external funding and visas to be applied for and approved.

If you do not have all the supporting documents required please do not delay submitting your application. Submit the application and any supporting documents you have and send any outstanding documents by email or post as soon as they become available.

Apply online

Applying for a postgraduate research degree

We advise you to apply through the University’s online application system as early as possible in the academic year.

If you require any assistance throughout the application process, please contact the Postgraduate Programmes Office.

What will happen to my application?

Once we have assessed your application you should expect to receive a response after a minimum of three weeks.

We will be able to handle your application much more quickly if you ensure that you have included all the supporting documents and up to date contact details.

You are always welcome to contact our research team directly to discuss any questions you may have about your application.

Is there a deadline?

There is no deadline for applications although early applications may stand a greater chance of success. Students can start in January, April, July or September and you may apply up to a year before your intended start date.

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