Taught MSc courses

We offer a wide variety of MSc courses, from modern chemical engineering through to industrial design and practice.

Our graduates apply their skills across a wide range of industries including the energy sector, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and financial services.

We also teach specialist courses where students can apply chemical engineering principles to biotechnology, and environmental sustainable engineering. 

Our MSc courses are not only for chemical engineers. We welcome applicants from a variety of disciplines including other branches of engineering, chemistry, physics or maths.

Applicants who are not chemical engineers can benefit through gaining a qualification recognised and accredited by IChemE. Use the guide below to help you choose an course that is right for you.

  • Chemical Engineering

    The Advanced Chemical Engineering MSc is an ideal option if you already have a chemical engineering degree and want to specialise further. You will also be well-suited to this programme if you are considering a career in research or industry.

    If you are a professional with a related first-degree and want to gain a chemical engineering qualification accredited by IChemE then the Chemical Engineering with Design MSc is a perfect choice for you.

  • Process Integration and Process Design

    If you are a graduate in chemical or process engineering (or related areas such as Industrial Chemistry, Chemistry, or Mechanical Engineering) and you wish to learn state-of-the-art techniques in chemical process design which are employed in major international companies related to the refinery, petrochemical, fine and speciality chemical, and chemical processing industry, then choose from one of the courses below.


Advantages of a taught masters course

A qualification from our postgraduate taught masters training programme will boost your career.  We are world-renowned and have an excellent reputation amongst employers for the high calibre of our graduates.

  • You can gain a qualification from a leading university that is recognised all around the world.
  • The reputation of our courses is so good that many of our students are offered jobs before they finish their studies.
  • Employers know our courses are academically challenging and our graduates are top class.
  • You will be equipped with the skills required for working in modern industry or an academic career.
  • All courses are strongly informed by our leading research and have been designed with input from world renowned academics and the innovators and managers of prestigious international companies.
  • We use an innovative teaching style and state-of-the-art facilities on our courses.

For more information or advice contact the Postgraduate taught course admissions team.

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