Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

Peer support

Peer Assisted Study Support
Weekly PASS sessions help first year students with their studies

PASS is a student led, student owned scheme within The University of Manchester. The purpose of PASS is to help you with your academic studies and settling into Manchester.

Second-year Chemical Engineering students (PASS Leaders) support groups of you in weekly PASS sessions. The sessions offer you an alternative source of learning support if you face challenges in understanding concepts from lectures. A team of third or fourth year co-ordinators in turn supports the Leaders.


PASS Sessions

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Teamwork – the bake-off

PASS Sessions are held in the James Chadwick building. Your groups will meet once a week (shown on your timetable) for an hour with two or three Year 2 Leaders. You will spend time on a wide range of activities, planned and facilitated by the Leaders including discussions and exercises relating to upcoming tests and writing laboratory reports, games and quizzes. Special sessions will be held to support accommodation choices, course selection and revision techniques for exams. The first session will be in Welcome Week and will be a chance for you to meet your PASS group and Leaders.

PASS leaders and Coordinators

PASS Scheme of the Year
PASS Scheme of the Year celebration event

All the PASS Leaders are friendly and really enjoy the sessions which makes them better for you! In your higher years you will be offered the opportunity to carry on with the scheme and be a PASS Leader too.

The PASS coordinators support the Year 2 PASS Leaders, and together they review their sessions and plan future activities during the PASS Debrief. The Debrief provides a valuable mechanism for communication between academic staff and students: PASS Leaders collect feedback from both Year 1 and Year 2 students and communicate these to the academic coordinator. 

Chemical Engineering PASS was awarded a trophy for "PASS Scheme of the Year" at a celebration event in May 2013, in recognition of our outstanding scheme, the creativity and enthusiasm of the Leaders and Co-ordinators and excellent teamwork.

See news item: Award for outstanding PASS scheme.

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