Why chemical engineering at Manchester?

Chemical engineering is an exciting and versatile degree that mixes key scientific subjects and applies them to large scale scenarios.

A snapshot of Graduation: Sound-bites from a graduate, parent and senior academic

Our graduates are very employable and find work in a wide range of industries. They can be involved in anything from assessing environmental issues to working out how to manufacture life-saving vaccines.  In fact, chemical engineering graduates are in such high demand that salary averages are higher than many other graduate professions.

However, there is more to chemical engineering than excellent job prospects. Chemical engineering can also be one of the most rewarding, fun degrees you could choose to study. And with our excellent facilities for both undergraduate and postgraduate students there are few better places you could choose to study it. 

Manchester has:

  • A distinguished history in chemical engineering at the birthplace of the subject as an academic discipline
  • A reputation as a world leader in industrially relevant research and teaching in chemical engineering and related subjects
  • A range of prestigious scholarships, open to all nationalities, that reflects the popularity of our graduates with industry
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